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The Lost Archive, hidden messages.

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Podcast with Jeffrey Yohalem: The Short Version! 


Read if you want the Brotherhood “memory within memory” conversation, the lack of The Lost Archive marketing, and the original ideas for the DLC explained. There’s also discussion about the story for The Lost Archive and Clay, Desmond and Lucy. Lucy’s betrayal is also explained.

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Kaczmarek Construction: 


151 N Seine Drive
Cheektowga, NY 14227-2416

Phone: (716) 668-2934

Rafiq here. It’s late where I am, and when it gets late I make questionable choices. 

I called this number.

It rang.

I chickened out before anything happened because I realized that it’s 130 AM in New York right now, and I really didn’t want to deal with confrontation at this hour.

However, my curiosity regarding whether or not I just woke up a poor family with reckless stupidity caused me to run a reverse phone number search on the number. And guess what?

I think I found some of Clay’s relations… 

I’ve been waiting for the silence all night long.
It’s just a matter of time.

Lazy Eye - Silversun Pickups [x]

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spacemanI’m going to be an astronaut, dad. 
I have a lot of feelings about this DLC, okay.


I’m going to be an astronaut, dad. 

I have a lot of feelings about this DLC, okay.


“And, then, we all got up and marked our favorite jobs on the board. I’m going to be an astronaut, dad.” - Clay Kaczmarek (Subject 16)


Out of curiosity, who here is one fragment away from 100% sync? Are you missing one in memory two by any chance…?