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shiva64-deactivated20140119 wrote: "Might want to make your Black Friday sales masterpost about a day or two ahead of Thanksgiving! Walmart's sale actually starts on Thanksgiving. Also, be warned that Walmart workers are trying to pull off a strike, so shopping there may or may not be ideal depending on where you live!"

Thanks for the head’s up! And, as a former Walmart employee, I’d be surprised if the workers will be allowed to get organized enough before the corporation will either fire all of them or just lock them out. We had to watch anti-union videos as part of our orientation; scary stuff.

But it’s worth a try, so good luck to anyone trying to pull off a strike!

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theloganhendersonanon-deactivat wrote: "Would you happen to know if the PC copies of AC3 will be in the black friday deal?"

There isn’t any indication of it being (and I double checked this time!), and with the PC release only being three days before Black Friday, I assume it won’t be. However, I would keep an eye on the UbiStore, for they are probably your best bet on a Black Friday deal.

Will keep an eye out for any PC sales, though, don’t worry!

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lianaet wrote: "Australia EB Games is also having midnight launches for AC3. Any Australians out there who don't already know you can find an event page on the EBGamesAus facebook page for a list of what stores are doing it. Or the EBGamesAus twitter has a few tweets with the link to the page."

Thanks for the head’s up! The link to the list of Australian EB Games open for the midnight release is here, and holy crap, the shop at Macarthur Square is GIVING AWAY THE LIFE-SIZE CONNOR STATUE. Good luck to anyone vying for that!

And if your country’s gaming store of choice is holding a release event, by all means, let us know! I will amend the masterpost list when I reblog it in the afternoon.

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amaninyc wrote: "I'm agreeing with that one guess about it being at MSG and maybe being a PoE hiding spot, but the way he's just watching the game makes me think it's more of a target. Looks like it's a wrestling match or something (WWE? lololo), I wonder if he'll end up jumping in for the kill. I don't know why I'm so excited about this puzzle~ xD My body's not ready for this gameee"

I know; as the picture becomes clearer, it’s more obvious that Desmond (and it is Desmond because his hoodie/cardigan matches previous screenshots) is scoping out something going on below. It’s definitely at least one person, or maybe two with the other wearing a garish yellow shirt. The cage reminds me more of MMA than WWE, lol, although the whole WWE thing made me laugh. 

What I’ve noticed today, though, is that there’s a bearded, Niko-Bellic-esque face in the Jumbo-tron. I don’t recognize him, and I don’t think it’s a badly-rendered Desmond. What if Desmond has to fight this Templar in a cage match? Or if Desmond has stumbled across some sort of Templar training session? I hope that the picture is cleared soon, because I’m just about as excited as you!

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alexheisler wrote: "The image being decoded is a stadium of sorts. Note the JumboTron thing in the upper right. Remember the leaked achievement list? It said something about a modern day stadium. Showdown in Madison Square Garden? Could there be a temple under it?"

I for one completely agree with this theory. Here’s the picture in question, but to see it better (and to be able to zoom in and out), you should check out the ‘Hacked History' game!

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blauegeist wrote: "Es una gran arma, ¿no lo creen? posiblemente la mejor amiga de un asesino tan hábil para el desplazamiento como lo es Connor Kenway.//It's a great weapon, don't you think? Possibly the best friend of an skilled free-running assassin// *desplazamiento* reffers to movement from one place to another, I think they might be talking about Connor's free-running skills :S"

Bless you and your bilingual ninja skills.

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igniserum wrote: "I must have missed it a few times for sure, but could you direct me to the post that listed the websites for ordering all the various versions of the game? (Special editions, and all that :) )"

Here is the original Ask post that listed all of the special editions, along with their respective websites. However, that list is now out of date, since the US Limited Editions were FINALLY announced, so here’s the links to those:

Assassin’s Creed III Limited Edition

Xbox 360 | PS3

Assassin’s Creed III Deluxe Edition


Hope this helps!

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pyroclast-hasanewblog wrote: "Hey, I wanted to know your opinions on the AC3 team focusing less on the Hidden Blade, which has tied all of the previous games together as the assassin's greatest weapon, and Connor's lack of a lip scar like Altair, Ezio, and Desmond have?"

There are two reactions that I have experienced regarding Ubisoft’s subtle changes to the AC formula: the gut reaction, and the thoughtful reaction.

My gut reaction is probably similar to many of you as more and more news of AC3 has been released. A lot of “Wait, what?” and “How can you change that?” and “WHYY?!?” Whether we like it or not, the Assassin’s Creed franchise has become formulaic as of late, and sometimes a diversion from the familiar, from the expected is a shock to the system. Change? I DON’T WANT CHANGE.

However! That was just my initial reaction. As my mind siphoned this info away from my histrionic gut, I slowly digested what I was actually being told, instead of what I was wildly assuming. Connor Kenway is different than any of the assassins with whom we’ve interacted. He isn’t a Master Assassin, he doesn’t oversee a faction like Altair or Ezio, he’s a lone wolf. It’s logical to assume that he taught himself how to fight, how to kill, and that these skills are going to mirror the ones he uses to hunt. A hidden blade, while practical as a weapon for subtle assassinations within the packed city streets of Jerusalem or Rome, won’t kill a bear. So for Connor to favor other weapons over the adopted hidden blade, and to motify the hidden blade to be used more as a knife (perfectly suited for skinning game), makes sense. It adds depth to the character, instead of copying and pasting a previous form over him.

As for the lip scar, it’s the same thing. Aesthetically, seeing Altair, Ezio, and Desmond lined up with the lip scar works beautifully at a visual level. It links the three together without much thought. However! The most important, and most obvious, point to recall here is that SCARS ARE NOT HEREDITARY. For Connor to also have the exact same scar in the exact same place as three guys, one of whom is directly related to everybody, starts pushing the boundaries of coincidence towards the absurd. It seems that the AC3 team has tried its best to bring as much realism to this game as it could; I think this minor character design quirk just hit them as unneeded. And it is. Connor not having a lip scar is not going to make him less of a character. In fact, it makes him more of his own character.

And that, I think, is Ubisoft’s overall intention.

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Anonymous wrote: "I know that the release for AC3 has been delayed, where US comes out earlier than the European countries etc., but Gamestop claims it'll come out on the 23 as well in their stores. Just a heads up for anyone that was planning to go on the 20."

Yes, this issue seems to be confusing at best right now. While Joystiq says it has confirmation from Ubisoft that the US will see the PC release of AC3 on November 20, GameStop does have it listed being released on the 23rd (and the downloadable version being released October 30). And most other retailers (Best Buy, Amazon, etc.) have not even changed their dates from the 30th. So the best thing for you frustrated PC gamers to do is double-check with your store closer to the actual release. It’s way too far into the future for things to be set in stone.

Thanks for the head’s up!

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roaminromans wrote: "that was the biggest waste of my time i have experienced all year, i am utterly furious that i stayed up all night for this mockery of a conference"

To recap what Ubisoft brought to the table, in case you guys are thinking that we’re being hyperbolic in our frustration:

  • They open the conference with the announcement of two F2P games for your browser: Silent Hunter Online and Anno Online. In retrospect, this should be the litmus test for the rest of the show.
  • ShootMania showmatch
  • Magic and Might Duel of Champions closed beta now open
  • Magic and Might Online Announced
  • Ghost Recon Online is online, which is redundant at best.
  • And that’s it.

Even if you aren’t an AC fan, this was pathetic at best. Where was Watch Dogs? ZombiU? Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth? Hell, somewhere poor Sam Fisher is crying.

Poor show, Ubisoft. Poor show.

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