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need2destroy wrote: "Hey! Have you seen any detailed character art for the female Redcoat in multiplayer? I saw just the tiniest corner of her in the screens you recently posted and I'm finishing up her costume for AX."

Is this the character you’re talking about?

Aside from this picture, I’m not finding much on her character. The reason that we have those amazing screenshots is because Ubisoft Annecy confirmed those characters—The Carpenter, The Commander, and Lady Maverick—yesterday, and are planning on confirming more characters at a later date. I would assume that we’ll get better pictures of the female Redcoat soon, hopefully before AX!

And if you guys have found/know of some detailed character art that I wasn’t able to find, please, help needtodestroy out and let her know! Thanks!

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Anonymous wrote: "Um, For that recent post of "Assassin’s Creed III Avatar Accessories for XBox 360" ,don't you think Connor is to pale compared to his real skin tone in the game?"

Connor appears pale because he is actually a Caucasian girl, since I used my Avatar to model the Connor costume. 

Hence why George Washington has flowing blonde locks, glasses, and Hylian ears. Really, I would have been more concerned with that historical discrepancy than the alleged whitewashing. But that’s just me.

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jjacoustic wrote: "do you know the name of the song on the last video you uploaded: road to E3?"

I wonder if you realized what the question put me through last night. I think I listened through the ACR soundtrack about a dozen times and scoured forums and YouTube trying to find this track. So thanks for that, jjacoustic. You found my weakness: seemingly simple questions that I don’t know the answers to that drive me insane.

Anyway, guilt-trip aside, I think I can conclude that the audio is an original that may be part of the AC3 soundtrack (but I cannot confirm that). However, the brilliant and very accommodating allsoundsasscreed ripped the track for me, and while it’s very hard to get something crystal clear while people are talking over it, I think she did a brilliant job. You can listen to it here, and I’m reblogging the audio post momentarily.

And if you hear the song and recognize it, by all means, CORRECT ME. I’d rather correct a mistake than permanently look foolish.

Hope this helps!

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pyroclast-hasanewblog wrote: "Franchises like Assassin's Creed are the reason why people created wikis, STG. As enriching as it would be to read and watch and play everything, it'd be nearly impossible to do without a lot of time and money. So I can see them rebooting the series (ala Star Trek XI, which could pay off well if done right) or creating something new that works with the main story arc and serves as a lead in for the entire franchise should fans of the movie decide they want to know more about the Assassins."

or creating something new that works with the main story arc and serves as a lead in for the entire franchise

I’m sorry, but I read this and immediately thought “CLAY KACZMAREK MOVIE!” which is just a silly thought, truth be told. But, as he’s my favorite character, I would kill to see that. Le sigh.

I completely agree with your comment about Wikis. The Assassin’s Creed Wiki page is such a valuable resource for all things AC, and I find myself on there constantly when I’m having AC convos with some of you. That being said, one does feel a bit disappointed when one discovers an enticing bit of information in the structured confines of an online encyclopedia, rather than experiencing the journey for oneself. At least, that’s how I feel whenever I find a bit of cross-media shenanigans on there (like the info on Subject 15 coming from the Abstergo website—seriously?! I missed something again!).

As for rebooting the entire series, I can see Ubisoft doing that within the perimeters I outlined previously. To have a movie bridge the gap between AC3 and AC4 would be ridiculous, in a good way.

Really though, at the end of the day, most of us just want a solid movie that respects the story and doesn’t whitewash everything. If Ubisoft can manage that, we’ll be fine.

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dangerous-ladies wrote: "I agree with you on how frustrating cross-platform storytelling is! I myself hate it, as I'd rather see the main games be more dense than have side stories. However, those side games don't function as individual stories, you NEED the main canon to understand them. A movie would not demand that you already know the games. It could tie in loosely without being incestuous -- a Subject, Assassins, Templars, a historical place, the Animus, and POEs. Have those elements and it's an AC movie."

The biggest issue then would be finding a story worth telling. I completely get what you’re saying, and to make it easily accessible to all audiences would be Ubisoft’s main goal, but the reason we don’t know much about the other subjects, aside from Four, Sixteen, and Seventeen, is because they either died due to complications with the Animus or died at Abstergo’s hand because they weren’t of use to them anymore. Really, the only other two subjects we could go off on, based on what we know, is Subject 12 (working on the Philadelphia Project would be interesting) or Subject 15.

Now, a movie about Subject 15 would be amazing. A pregnant woman, kidnapped by a rogue Templar company, driven into a constant dream state due to the conflicting memories of her and her fetus? It would be like Inception! However, would this be the greatest way to introduce Assassin’s Creed to the general public? Probably not. The main story arc of Assassin’s Creed right now is the prevention of Doomsday by the hand of Abstergo, and to deviate from that would be superfluous.

However! If Ubisoft were to make a movie to reboot the franchise after the Desmond arc is completed after Assassin’s Creed III—a movie to bridge the end of that trilogy with the start of another—I would be 100% on board with that.

<} Rafiq 

dangerous-ladies wrote: "Ubisoft cited the graphic novel featuring Nikolai Orelov because they wanted to do more with new characters. Why tell a cut-down version of a story that has ALREADY been told? No AC fan invested in the series would pass on a big-budget movie just because it wasn't Ezio or Altair, and new fans won't know the difference. The universe is dense enough to tell new stories, and god knows fandom will only grow bigger with Connor, a new protagonist. Ubisoft should pride itself on innovation, not rehash."

Cross-media storytelling just frustrates me. I understand it’s innovative and allows whomever is telling the story to be more creative since they aren’t tied down to one particular media source, but I think it’s detrimental to the casual fan. Not casual as in “Oh, maybe I’ll pick up the game to rent when I have time”, but casual as in “I’ve played all the console games and read all the books, but now I have to have access to a iOS device to get more info? And multiple handhelds to play the side games? Seriously?!”

Reading through the Assassin’s Creed Encyclopedia revealed a ton of mythology that I had not accessed because I hadn’t fully completed Assassin’s Creed: Project Legacy on Facebook, or played any of the handheld games, and this was info that I really wished was available within the confines of the games. Info that involves Lucrezia Borgia’s son, Giovanni, two different Pieces of Eden (the shroud and the crystal skull) and a bloody Borgia becoming an assassin. Giovanni’s story is brilliant, but it was buried in a cross-media debacle that only served to give you a few minor upgrades and extra cash. 

Now I’m fully aware that a film is far more accessible than a Facebook game, but to introduce new canon in yet another media stretches the story too thin. Think about it: let’s say the movie comes out in 2014. In 2016, someone uploads a copy of AC1 onto their next gen Xbox and loves it. They go to research which games that they have to pick up to know the full story, and they see that they’ll need:

  • 4+ books
  • 2+ graphic novels
  • an iOS device
  • a PSP
  • a DSi
  • a DVD
  • a Facebook account
  • a UPlay account
  • and possibly more media outlets by this point

Like I said, frustrating.

Now, to say that I wouldn’t and go see an Assassin’s Creed film that introduced new canon would be straight up lying. Cross-media storytelling just allows for important information to slip through the cracks, and to try and keep up with all gives me a headache.

<} Rafiq 

pyroclast-hasanewblog wrote: "I think that for a series that has two simultaneous storylines that span over 5+ games, it might be too much for a two hour film. TV series? Mini series? I can totally see it working out. But a 2 hour movie definitely not. Even if they only focused on one animus storyline, such as just Altair's or just Ezio's, they'd have to cut out a LOT of the series. I mean unless they were able to ensure that there would be a sequel or six. Or if they got rid of Desmond all together."

Get rid of Desmond? Blasphemy! Do not speak of such things!

But I would love to see an Assassin’s Creed television series, a la Game of Thrones. The depth of the story is there, as well as the sex and violence that sells shows to networks. You could have a 12-episode arc for each game, with each episode running an hour. With the popularity of The Borgias, you would think that a show that covers the same time period would be a no-brainer. Let’s storyboard it and pitch it to HBO. Something will need to replace True Blood once that’s cancelled.

<} Rafiq 

theredthirst wrote: "To me, an AC movie is just a disaster from the very beginning. Few movie adaptations of games are good, and the problem I think lies with the movie industry wanting to change things too much in order to cater to the mainstream audience rather than those of whom the film was originally intended for - the fans. I could be wrong - the AC movie might be good, but what I'm asking is this: Is it really worth the risk?"

Well, unlike the unmitigated disaster that was Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, where Ubisoft was pretty much at the mercy of Disney, the game studio has made the unprecedented decision to start its own movie company. Ubisoft Motion Pictures signed its deal with Sony only because it allowed UMP “nearly full creative control as well as approval over the script, casting decisions, budget and release date”. It sounds crazy, but with Ubisoft having basically full control over the project, it may turn out all right. After all, Assassin’s Creed: Lineage was amazing, and that was a production primarily handled by Ubisoft. The movie could be amazing, too.

However, I am also unrealistically optimistic when it comes to certain things, and I just really want the Assassin’s Creed movie to work. Most probably, Ubisoft’s strict demands on Sony will cause any of their film projects to be caught up in limbo for years to come, and they’ll probably never see the light of day. This may be a good thing, though, because for every Tomb Raider there is a Super Mario Bros.

Would the risk be worth it? Right now, I’d say yes, but that’s because I haven’t heard that Ubisoft cast Tom Cruise as Ezio yet. *grins*

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s-p-a-n wrote: "Do you by any chance give shout outs to AC Ask blogs? :3 [ This is my personal, my AC ask blog is 'AskStumpy' ]"

If you are looking for a highly amusing and wonderfully artistic ask blog following the increasingly frustrated exploits of one Malik al-Sayf, give AskStumpy a look!

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frompawntoqueen wrote: "To Connor x Bear and Connor x Tree shippers, I would like to point you to the real OTP of the trailers. Which is Connor and twirling himself or things around. The OTP of all OTP's! Seriously, in every trailer xD"

Honestly, as I’m watching my dash fill up with random AC3 ships and OTPs, I’m just sitting here like

You crazy kids and your ships. Away with you!

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