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Anonymous wrote: "I know that the release for AC3 has been delayed, where US comes out earlier than the European countries etc., but Gamestop claims it'll come out on the 23 as well in their stores. Just a heads up for anyone that was planning to go on the 20."

Yes, this issue seems to be confusing at best right now. While Joystiq says it has confirmation from Ubisoft that the US will see the PC release of AC3 on November 20, GameStop does have it listed being released on the 23rd (and the downloadable version being released October 30). And most other retailers (Best Buy, Amazon, etc.) have not even changed their dates from the 30th. So the best thing for you frustrated PC gamers to do is double-check with your store closer to the actual release. It’s way too far into the future for things to be set in stone.

Thanks for the head’s up!

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shiva64 and an anonymous ask informed us of this Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberations trailer! We get to hear Aveline’s voice and we see a “Crystal White” PS Vita. The previous trailers featured the standard color of black for the Vita. Much appreciated!

Anonymous wrote: "I just wanted to show my appreciation to you guys. You are literally one of the best blogs I've ever had the pleasure of following. I look forward to each post and asks you get. You're eloquent, intelligent, and super witty and I <3 u so hard mang. Keep up the awesome work, comrades!"

Kayleigh and I appreciate it so much!

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Anonymous wrote: "Rafiq: While the pushed back release date of Twilight Princess was frustrating, Shadow of the Colossus and ICO famed Fumito Ueda's The Last Guardian was first revealed in 2007, and the wiki still claims the release date to be Holiday 2011. There still has only been one trailer for it, and effectively no word from the developers on the progress in almost 2 years."

While not a PlayStation gamer myself (I was primarily Sega and Nintendo up until about two years ago), the legends that are Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are familiar to me. They are games that I’ve always wanted to play, and will probably get to once I can pry my sister’s PS2 from her cold, Kingdom-Hearts-playing hands. That being said, I have been aware, peripherally, of the constant struggles The Last Guardian has been going through. The fact that it seems to have become the next Duke Nukem Forever has to be disheartening, as well as Sony letting the copyright expire over the past week. Twilight Princess’s delays were just due to Nintendo’s indecision on whether to launch the Wii with the game; The Last Guardian is in development hell right now.

I hope you Ico fans can get together with those patiently waiting for Final Fantasy Versus XIII and get super drunk together. Y’all deserve it.

As a very small consolation, here is one of my favorite Penny Arcade comics; it’s hilarious even if you aren’t familiar intimately with the games.

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Anonymous wrote: "Are you going to be one of those people that play Assassin's Creed 1 all the way to Revelations to build up towards Assassin's Creed 3? I plan on doing that, but I also have to juggle school and work. But since there's a delay for PC, it gives me a small leverage."

I don’t think I’ll be playing through the entire series again because I have to agree with what you said on juggling school alongside personal things. 

I’ve played through the first Assassin’s Creed three times since I loved playing as Altair and the settings of the Holy Land were amazing. I also collected all the flags despite no trophy support for the PS3 >:[

I think most, if not all of us have 100% Trophies/Achievements completion for Assassin’s Creed 2, because I definitely did! I’ve played through it again, not much else to do with it now. Still an awesome game.

AC:B and AC:R were good games, but I don’t think I would completely enjoy another run through them. I have to be honest, sometimes it got really repetitive.

Who knows, I may pick up Revelations again! Try some multiplayer again or snag a few leftover trophies. The only thing I’m sure of is school will send me back into the meat grinder again on August 30th.

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Anonymous wrote: "On GS's website, it still says it's coming out on October 30th. I'm assuming they haven't updated it yet or something ;____; I wish it would come out on that date."

Yes, sadly, GameStop’s website is running on old information. According to an official Ubisoft press release yesterday, this is the OFFICIAL release date schedule for AC3:

  • Oct. 30 is the US release date on X360 and PS3 
  • Oct. 31 is the EMEA release date on X360 and PS3
  • Nov. 20 is the US release date for PC 
  • Nov. 23 is the EMEA release date for PC

With EMEA standing for Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

At the end of the day, it seems that Ubisoft’s obsession with DRM trumps getting their product out in a timely fashion. Moreso than losing profits from irate PC gamers, Ubisoft fears these guys tremendously:

And it’s like, c’mon Ubisoft! Release AC3 for PC alongside the console releases! These pirates, they don’t do anything.

And that was a long set up for a Veggie Tales joke. Good day.

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Anonymous wrote: "one more gamestop question! haha. i'm actually going to be out of town until november first, and i understand that they only hold the preordered games 48 hours. while i understand it will no longer be 'held' per se, will what i paid still be honored?"

Yes! Otherwise, GameStop would be technically stealing from you. As long as you have your receipt, or some other proof of payment, you should be able to receive your game, no drama.

However! If you preordered your game online at GameStop.com and are using the PickUp@Store option, note that GameStop may charge you $5 for shipping if you wait past 48 hours to pick up your game:

As release dates change frequently, we cannot guarantee arrival dates. You will be contacted by the store, at the phone number you provide, when the product arrives and is available for pickup. Items not picked up within 48 hours may not be available due to the high demand for new releases. Your name will be placed on a waiting list at your request, and we will contact you when we receive more. If the product is not picked up within 48 hours, you authorize us to charge you a $5.00 fee to cover the cost of shipping and handling to the store.

While the $5 S&H doesn’t pertain to those who preorder in-store, I’d assume that the waiting list stipulation applies to everyone. So if your GameStop runs out of copies while you’re out of town, you may be placed on said list. But I seriously doubt you have anything to worry about there.

Hope this helps, and if I’m incorrect, let me know!

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Anonymous wrote: "okay so if we're all part of the tumblrhood, when do we take our OWLs"

Well…since the AC series began, officially, November 14, 2007, on its upcoming anniversary we will all be Fifth Years! Which means OWLs will take place at the end of the term, which lands right around E3 next year.

Unless some unforeseeable evil force intervenes. Like Templars. Or Voldemort.


Then all bets are off. Still, I would study Transfiguration and Renaissance Art, just to be safe. Your hidden blades will have an Anti-Cheating spell placed upon them, remember.

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Anonymous wrote: "hahahahaha omg pc version delayed again"

The life of a PC gamer must be rife with overdramatic screaming.

At this point, I would think Ubisoft will be gearing up to defend itself from an army of disgruntled gamers who have fashioned mace flails out of computer mouses (mice? Computer mice just sounds wrong).

See? That’s terrifying. The person who drew that should be ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES for bringing that sort of horror into the world.

So yeah, we here at the Tumblrhood HQ stand in solidarity with our PC gamer brethren, even though Louis plays PS3 and I favor the 360. Prayer circle, everyone!

<} Rafiq

Anonymous wrote: "Desmond Miles is the hero that Assassin's Creed fans deserve, but not the one they need right now..."

Hmmm…I think he tends to agree with you on that point as well.

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