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Craving a bit of gown with your game? Australian designer Anna Cabral did. And so she created Amnesia Creed, a small collection inspired by Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations.

The outfit on the male model, you’ll notice, is strongly inspired by Amnesia’s Daniel, while the female models channel AC:R with their dark hoods. The show was even set to the Revelations trailer music! Check out this link to see more photos.


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Personally, I’m very glad they took that draped article of clothing off Machiavelli. Yes, I know it was relevant to the times, and the real Machiavelli is painted in such garb…but come on…tell me he doesn’t look more respectable in Brotherhood.

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Seriously, much love & respect to EACH & EVERY ONE OF YOU! Without you amazing folks, I would not be dedicating any time to this blog, so thank you so much for all the support!!

A big congratulations from the Tumblrhood HQ Bureau Leaders to acfans! Safety and peace friend!

November 15th, send in your photos! 


Going to GameStop at midnight?? Picking up your copy on November 15th? Snap a photo of you with your copy of Assassin’s Creed Revelations and submit it to AC Fans! :)

If you aren’t getting yours on the 15th, send in your photo ASAP! Let’s see how many photos we can get posted!

For example, here’s a snapshot of me last year after I got home from the GameStop midnight party for Brotherhood.


I’ll be sending mine in soon!


Young Cesare, I heard him say, could not be killed by man…And so I tossed him to the air, to see where he might land…”


The Orsi Brothers.


The Orsi Brothers.

Some gifs/captioned stills to share/enjoy. And no, I don’t know who originally created all of these. Feel free to add on though, Assassins! 


[^cred to algrenion^]

GIF spamming commencing…

^These are a bunch of old ones I made.

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Plans for next week… 


For anyone who cares, my PS3 is back..sort of. Sony sent a brand new one to my parent’s house since they couldn’t fix the problem with my old one. None of my information/gameplay was saved from my old one sadly, so when I go visit again, I’ll have to reset everything and start with a clean slate on all my Assassin’s Creed games [cue the pinky-sized violins].

That being said, there may or may not be a themed Friday initiated by me, Bri, here on AC Fans. 


Thanks to the feedback of some clever fellow Assassins here, I’ve decided to do a themed Tuesday next week instead…

It’s a little past time to give some acknowledgement to the Templars that have been introduced so far. From Warren Vidic to Al Mualim & Robert de Sable to Rodrigo & Cesare Borgia to Leandros. There will likely be another Templar-themed day after Revelations comes out, but the first one will happen next Tuesday, November 8th [U.S.] 

I don’t know if I can make GIFs in time for November 8th, but I’ll try at least one photoset :/

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If you guys have any Assassin’s Creed-focused blogs or know of any others, let me know via the AC Fans ask box!

Much love & respect to the ones mentioned above!

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There are so many amazing AC blogs on Tumblr. I wish I could follow all of them, but my Dash is already so cluttered with other blogs along with Assassin’s Creed :S